Pilates is for everyone Pilates changes lives Pilates & Sport The Pilates Technique Pilates' Apparatus

Pilates is for everyone

Pilates is not limited to the young or super-fit, nor is it a cure-all potion that delivers miraculous changes instantly.

Pilates changes lives

Those with a positive outlook, determination and a powerful drive often experience amazing and life changing results, that are sometimes successful beyond all expectations and sound too good to be true.  For these people Pilates becomes a way of life.

Pilates & Sport

Even those in sport are starting to recognise the value of the exercise technique that the dance community has long benefited from.

The Pilates Technique

It is not the exercises, apparatus or equipment that makes Pilates successful; it is the technique, principles and philosophy.  Without these Pilates is meaningless.

Pilates' Apparatus

All Pilates' apparatus has specific advantages and features that are unique to each piece.  The reformer is undoubtedly the most popular piece of equipment.

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Welcome to Pilates Heaven

 "Helping You Fulfill Your Body's Potential"

"All in all, we do not give our bodies the care that our well-being deserves."

Joseph Pilates & William J Miller, "Return to Life Through Contrology" 1945


At Pilates Heaven, we teach Modified Pilates.  We are committed to helping everyone fulfill their body's potential by embracing the very philosopy, belief system, and values adopted by Joseph Pilates. 

Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, was dedicated to self-improvement.   He loved life and was insistent that we should spend time doing things that leave us feeling cheerful, contented, and relaxed.  He did not believe in over-taxing the body and treating the body as though it were a machine.  He nurtured the body.  He treated people as individuals.  His drive and passion made him a disciplined person.

In the late 1990s, significant changes were made to Pilates' exercise.  The original movements were adapted to accommodate the medical findings relating to exercise and low back pain.   A new form of Pilates called Modified Pilates was created.  This meant that specific alignment was applied to the original movements and the original movements that Joseph Pilates once performed were adapted so that anyone could perform the adaptations or modified movements safely, even those with low back or joint pain or injury.  People with no low back or joint pain or injury either perform further adaptations that are more challenging or the original movements if their posture allows.


  • We provide a different way of offering Pilates' exercise.  We don't charge separate rates for mat or reformer lessons.  Instead of members having to choose mat in preference to reformer, we offer a combination of both; mat and reformer lessons on a weekly alternating basis.  Ultimately, participating in both disciplines offers the best of both worlds as mat exercise is weight-bearing and reformer exercise is non-weight bearing.  We provide one day time mat work rehabilitation lesson for those whose physical issues prevent them from using the reformer.  We provide 21 weekly group lessons as well as one-off group lessons, and open studio sessions from time to time when members can use the studio for personal practice.  You have to become a studio member to attend any of our group lessons or open studio sessions.


  • Lessons are paid for on a monthly basis.  This reduces disruption to established lessons that newcomers on a weekly basis would cause and provides newcomers with a more realistic time-scale to decide whether or not they wish to continue with Pilates' exercise. 


  • We provide private tuition that is open to both members and non-members.  To complement our Pilates' activities, we also provide Nordic walking sessions throughout the year (open to both members and non-members).


  • We provide a unique lesson credit facility. This means that members accrue credits whenever they incur absence from the regular lesson they are assigned to.  In order to replace the lessons they miss, they may book other Pilates' lessons using the credits they accrue, or they may book Nordic walking sessions, or they may accrue the credits until they have sufficient to book a private Pilates' lesson.  Credits roll over month after month and it is up to each member whether they use their credits or not.  Upon leaving, a studio member loses all of their credits.


  • Members are not tied into annual contracts and don't have to give notice to terminate.  All they have to do is simply stop their monthly payment.  If they don't stop a monthly payment on time, they are assigned to their lesson as usual.   In circumstances when a member incurs injury or illness that prevents them attending lessons for a prolonged period of time, they can opt to retain their lesson place for a minimum of 8 weeks and pay half the usual monthly fee until they return (terms and conditions apply).  Members are charged a re-joining fee if they wish to re-join the studio at any time.


  • We have close to 200 studio members of all ages, some of whom have been with us for a number of years.  We have several male members and some lessons have a higher ratio of men to women.   Members receive annual gifts as a token of our appreciation for their commitment and loyalty.


  • The studio is closed for 6 weeks during the year to accommodate public holidays.  Members are awarded a credit for each week the studio is closed except for one week at Christmas/New Year.  Rest and recuperation is part of the Pilates’ philosophy and members return revitalised, re-energised, and refreshed after a short break.


  • Our teachers are fully qualified to CYQ Level 3 and are first aid qualified.


Supporting the Community & Networking with Fellow Professionals

  • We have regular prize draws, fund raising events, and occasional social nights out.  During 2016 we raised  £1300.00 for Marie Curie by participating in their Blooming Great Tea Party event and over £450 for Children In Need.  We also supported an initiative of Suttton Coldfield Training in Gate Lane by helping them to collect new and used children's books for a school in Walsall.  Our members donated 500 books for this good cause.


  • We receive recommendation from a number of local practitioners and GPs whose clients or patients have experienced improvement as a result of attending our lessons.  We work closely with Ebrook Osteopathy in Boldmere recommending them to our members who are in need of medical treatment other than Pilates' exercise.  Many of our members have benefitted from their expertise, including massage

For more information about Pilates, group lessons, private lessons, testimonials...

Please click on the appropriate heading and the link will lead you to more detailed information and downloads.  Alternatively, click on the appropriate heading on the top of the website menu bar.  The Book Online tab is for members only so that they can log-in to record absences or book replacement lessons. 

If you are interested in attending any of our lessons ...

  • If you have any concerns about starting Pilates, or any other form of fitness activity for that matter, you should consult your doctor, medical practitioner, or midwife if pregnant.  They will advise you whether Pilates' exercise is appropriate for you or not.  You will be required to attend a reformer introduction lesson if you wish to attend any of our combo lessons.


  • Please contact us if you would like to join the studio and let us know which lesson day/time you wish to attend.  If we can't accommodate your request, we will place your name on a waiting list and contact you as soon as we can.  If we can accommodate your request you will be required to attend a reformer introduction lesson, unless you wish to attend the Friday mat rehabilitation lesson.  If you wish to attend the mat rehabilitation lesson on a Friday, you may be requested to attend a private assessment lesson initially if you have a health condition or injury that imposes severe limitations on your mobility.


  • Reformer Introduction lessons are held once monthly on Saturdays at 2pm.  We do not accommodate anyone who turns up to an introduction lesson on the day without having booked a place.   Future dates and further details can be found by downloading the information from the Lessons page (click the link) or you can contact us and we will send you a copy.


  • Before attending a reformer introduction lesson, we ask you to read our exercise guidelines and terms and conditions.  Both can be downloaded from the Lessons page (click the link) or you can contact us and we will send you a copy.

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0121 354 9023

If you phone us and there is no answer, please leave a message, your contact details, and the best time to contact you. 

We will call you back as soon as we can.

Alternatively, email us at info@pilatesheavenuk.com

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Client Feedback

"After 6 lessons the comment from my osteopath was that he had never seen me standing so upright and well-balanced - this from someone who has been visiting for years of pains in the knees from walking with one leg longer than the other." (PP)

"My osteopath has noticed a big improvement in my body posture since I started Pilates.  I am much more body aware.  Thank you." (EF)