Pilates is for everyone Pilates changes lives Pilates & Sport The Pilates Technique Pilates' Apparatus

Pilates is for everyone

Pilates is not limited to the young or super-fit, nor is it a cure-all potion that delivers miraculous changes instantly.

Pilates changes lives

Those with a positive outlook, determination and a powerful drive often experience amazing and life changing results, that are sometimes successful beyond all expectations and sound too good to be true.  For these people Pilates becomes a way of life.

Pilates & Sport

Even those in sport are starting to recognise the value of the exercise technique that the dance community has long benefited from.

The Pilates Technique

It is not the exercises, apparatus or equipment that makes Pilates successful; it is the technique, principles and philosophy.  Without these Pilates is meaningless.

Pilates' Apparatus

All Pilates' apparatus has specific advantages and features that are unique to each piece.  The reformer is undoubtedly the most popular piece of equipment.

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Welcome to Pilates Heaven

 "Helping You Fulfill Your Body's Potential"


"All in all, we do not give our bodies the care that our well-being deserves."

Joseph Pilates & William J Miller, "Return to Life Through Contrology" 1945


We teach Modified Pilates, The Pilates Institute Method (PIM).

This style of Pilates excludes no-one. 

We have taught all ages and all abilities helping numerous people overcome chronic pain and injury issues. 


Joseph Pilates created a holistic exercise system at nominal cost aimed at self-improvement. 

It didn’t involve going to the gym and required little or no equipment.

It was a system whereby you taught yourself in the comfort of your own home following exercise instructions that he provided. 

Pilates' exercise is especially relevant nowadays with the prevalence of sedentary lifestyoles.


When you exercise with us, it is not just an exercise class 

  • We offer a holistic approach to exercise sharing with you the philosophy, belief-system and values of Joseph Pilates. 
  • During a lesson, we teach you ways you can improve your posture on a daily basis.    
  • We have a loyal and committed membership, the majority of whom now consider Pilates' exercise as a lifestyle choice, and Pilates has helped them to acquire a healthier body and stronger mind.

We offer a unique approach

  • Members attend one class per week paying one month at a time.  They attend both mat and reformer lessons, alternating fortnightly, which enables them to benefit from both disciplines in one weekly visit without the need for separate class fees.
  • Participating in both disciplines helps to acquire a uniformly developed body.  Click on either of the links to find out more about the reformer and other pieces of apparatus that Joseph created. 
  • We don't offer one-off classes.  Learning the Pilates technique takes time and there is nothing to be gained from attending the occasional lesson.  T

We provide flexibility for today's busy lifestyles

  • Our unique class credit scheme affords you the opportunity of making up classes that you may have to miss on occasions.  
  • We keep our class fees as low as possible because we believe cost should not prohibit someone from participating in what is now considered an inclusive, medically-proven rehabilitative form of exercise, rather than the exclusive exercise it once was. 
  • You can suspend your membership should unforeseen medical issues arise preventing you from class attendance for a prolonged period.
  • Paying once monthly doesn't tie you in for an unreasonable length of time should you wish to stop class attendance.

We also offer

  • Private tuition to aid awareness and improve movement quality with the provision of simple exercises that you can perform at home.   
  • Private lessons are also available for those who do not attend any of our weekly classes (non-members).
  • Open studio sessions (members only) to facilitate personal practice in a supervised environment using any of the apparatus.  
  • Credit crunch lessons to enable members use credits if they cannot attend additional classes from the weekly timetable.  This includes an Early Bird (7am) virtual mat class using the Zoom platform. 


All of our teachers are fully qualified CYQ Level 3 Mat Pilates teachers, as well as qualified in all aspects of machine Pilates, and also have further health and fitness qualifications.

We are also trained in the art of Nordic walking which is an ideal form of exercise for improving posture and totally complements Pilates' exercise.

We receive recommendation from a number of local practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths and GPs whose clients or patients have experienced improvement as a result of attending our lessons.  As part of a holistic approach, we suggest that there may be times when Pilates alone is not enough and we may suggest a medical treatment may be just what you need to release tight and tired muscles that will subsequently help your Pilates' practice.  

 In the past, we have been involved in many fund-raising activities helping both local and national charities. 


If you want to know more about Pilates in general or more about our activities, we have provided comprehensive details on the various pages for you to read at leisure.



Client Feedback


"Really appreciate your holistic approach.  Challenging and advising the complete lifestyle and not just Pilates is going the extra mile but makes complete sense."


"You have not only helped me to improve my back pain but have supported me on a journey, that has made me reflect on my whole well-being and enabled me to make important life changes to improve my quality of life."